Welcome to the Infants!
Who Are We?
Class Teachers - Miss Bracegirdle, Mrs Quayle & Mr Hassall
Teaching Assistants - Miss Andrews, Mrs Webb & Mrs Blythe


Autumn Term

This term we will be focusing on Traditional Tales including Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and the Lost Happy Endings.
We will be going on a nature walk to help us think about settings and using role play and hot seating to help us write character descriptions, letter writing , retelling the story and understanding story openings, middle and endings.

In Science we will be learning about habitats and different states of materials at different temperatures.

Geography will focus on the local area and comparing localities.

Later in the term we will be looking at different religions and comparing to the Christian celebration of Christmas.

In Art we will be learning new skills in drawing, sketching, painting and using different media. We will learn about David  Hockney and his “Big Tree” project. 

In PE we will be learning the skills we need to play football, rugby, netball, hockey as well as learning gymnastics and yoga skills.

We will be doing drama, art and music each day to improve our creative flow incorporating different traditional tales.

In computing we will be using Beebots to learn about directions, mapping and our local area as well as learning about e safety and keeping our private information private.

In Maths we will be developing children’s understanding of arithmetic as well as helping them to improve fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We do this using practical, real life situations as much as possible and, in particular use the outdoors as inspiration.

We encourage children to read as regularly as possible and read stories, do guided reading and individual reading regularly.  We have found the best way you can support us in school is by sharing books with your children, listening to them read and reading to them. Please speak to any one of the team if you would like help choosing books that are appropriate and appeal to different children.