Parents Evenings - January

Reception - Year 6 Parents Evening start next week via Teams - please book your appointments via our website asap

Thursday 26th Jan to Thursday 2nd Feb

Dear Parents

Parent/Teacher Consultations for this term are individual academic appointments with your child's teaching team.

We invite you to a 10 minute appointment to discuss your child's progress with his/her teaching team via your child's Teams account.

This year we continue booking appointments online on the School website in the + more section. You need to find the Teaching Team group your child is in and then put in the pastoral teachers name, from the list below, the day, the time you want to book and your details. Each year group is split into different teaching groups, so please ensure you select the right teacher before making your booking.

Online booking is now open

Reception children need only choose Mr Lovatt as both he and Mrs Harrison will be taking the meetings jointly.

Infants need to choose Miss Wright for all year 1 children and Mr Millington for all year 2 children

Lower Juniors need to choose Mr Casserley for all year 4 children and Miss Bibby for all year 3 childrenMr Woods will join yr4

Upper Juniors need to choose Mr Wildgoose for all Year 5 children and Mrs Milne for all year 6 children; Mr Bebbington will join yr6

If parents are booking the wrong teacher and we have to keep changing it, you may lose your slot!

If you have more than one child, you will want to see more than one team, if so you will have to put your details into each teachers list to book your slots.

Earwig - Please can we ask that all parents log into their child’s Earwig account prior to attending parents evening to have a look what your children have been up to so far this term, as this will be spoken about during the meeting.

Thanks for your support

Martin Casserley