Lower Junior Parents Evening

Parent/Teacher Consultations for this term are individual academic appointments with your child's teaching team.
We invite you to come to School on either Monday 27th January between 3.30 – 6.00pm or Tuesday 28th  January  between 3.30- 7:30pm for a 10 minute appointment to discuss your child's progress with his/her teaching Team.

This year we continue booking appointments online on the School website in the + more section. You need to find the Teaching Team group your child is in and then put in the pastoral teachers name, from the list below, the day, the time you want to book and your details.

Year 3/4 - Choose the teacher who teaches your child for English Lessons - Mr Woods, Mr Casserley or Miss Simpson

Parents are booking the wrong teacher and we have to keep changing it! This means you may lose your slot!

This year the School has grown considerably. To try and reduce the waiting time for parents between appointments, we have decided to split parents evenings across two weeks. Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th January will be Early Years and Lower Juniors; Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th February will be Infants and Upper Juniors.

If you have more than one child, you will want to see more than one team, if so you will have to put your details into each teachers list to book your slots.

Earwig - Please can we ask that all parents log into their child’s Earwig account prior to attending parents evening to have a look what your children have been up to so far this term, as this will be spoken about during the meeting.

Book People - The Book Fair will also be in school between 27th  January  and 4th February. It will be open after school during this period and also at the first Parents’ Evening. If you are able to help out for a short amount of time after school in opening the book fair to allow parents and children the chance to look through the books, please email

Thanks for your support

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