Distance Learning Arrangements

From March 23rd School will be closed until further notice to help reduce the infection rates from COVID-19. Below are the arrangements we are putting in place to support your child's distance learning.

Distance Learning when the School Closes

The following distance-learning will be available for children on the Our Classes Team page of the School website. A document will be uploaded weekly for each Teaching Team with a DAILY timetable of activities to be completed each day.

This will include:
1.A reading comprehension type activity
2.Reading for pleasure daily – notes in Reading Diaries
3.A maths activity which revisits concepts already taught or Khan Academy programme
4.A punctuation / grammar activity
5.Times Table EdShed

Also weekly
A weekly science activity
A weekly humanities research activity based on our current Studywork style
Art & Design weekly activity
Weekly spellings via EdShed
Loads of online resources sent home in booklet
Typing Club tutor – online for Black Firs
NESSY for those children registered

Where possible, children’s work can be emailed back to teachers to receive some formative feedback via email or phone call.

Parents should also be encouraged, as per government advice about isolating at home, to ensure that children engage in physical activity every day.

Printed packs for children who have no internet access, will be prepared on request via email or phone, and available for parents to collect from the front School conservatory. There will also be paper, pens & resources that can be collected too.

Please encourage your child to email and share their work from the website to the Teaching Team contact email on the sheet.

EYFS learning journeys will be being kept up to date so, Reception & Preschool parents, please keep sharing photos etc of your child’s work via email to the Team.

We will ensure that we keep in contact with all of our children via phone calls home or skype if possible at least weekly. Each Team will organise learning mentors & key contact Staff for each child and these will be sent via ParentMail next week.