03.09.19 - Our first morning at school

We have all had a lovely first morning in Reception. We opened the door to lots of very smartly dressed, grown up looking children, and lots of smiles too!
We spent the morning playing and exploring with our friends and enjoyed our very first playtime on the big playground. Some of us also chose a story book to share at home. These are in book bags with a reading record for you to fill in at home. We would welcome any comment about what your child has enjoyed reading, favourite characters or the bits they found funny. If your child hasn't chosen a book yet they will have the opportunity to do so over the next few days.
We have labelled a basket in the classroom for jumpers and cardigans that may get taken off during the day. Please make sure that these are all named so that they are easy to reunite with their owners. Thank you.
We are really proud of all the children and think they have made a great start to school life. See you all tomorrow for more fun!