28.08.19 - Our First Week at Black Firs

Next week sees us the start of the new school year at Black Firs. The teachers have been busy getting the classroom ready and we are looking forward to welcoming your children next Tuesday.

Our school day begins at 8.50am and your children will need to come into the classroom through the Reception door (left hand side as you look at the building).

In the cloakroom your child will have a named peg for their coat and PE bag. Whilst we won't be doing PE during the first week it is helpful to have kits in school all week anyway as they provide a helpful change of clothes should we need it.

Book bags will be stored in the classroom in named plastic boxes. Your child will be given a named water bottle to use at school.

Next week (Tuesday to Friday) your child will attend for mornings only and will need to be collected at 11.50am. To ensure all children are dismissed safely they will be spilt into two groups and sent home through both the cloakroom door and the side door onto the astroturf. There will be lists on the door on the first day so you will know where to find your child. Please bear with us while we put names to faces and make sure that everyone gets home safely.

Your child can bring a healthy snack from home for playtime, or money to buy toast. There will be a basket for snacks in the classroom and stickers to label them. There will also be a book to write down your child's name for toast and a container for their money. We will look after this until playtime when we will help your child to buy their toast.

The following week (week beginning 9th September) your child will be staying for lunch. Please make sure you book a dinner in good time if you would like your child to have a school lunch.

Please make sure you check the school website regularly as this is how we will share updates with parents.

We hope you that you have all had a lovely summer and are looking forward to the start of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns between now and next week please get in touch via email and

See you all very soon!