Lower Juniors: Welcome to Year 3 & 4!

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are ready for a new year in Year 3&4. We are looking forward to working on a new study book and have been working hard to  make sure your classrooms are ready.

Year 3&4 come into school at 8:50am through the double doors at the front of school behind the car park. The Year 3’s will register in Mrs Andrews’ area and the Year 4’s will register in the Computer Room. Parents are welcome to bring their children into school at the start of the year to help them settle in. At the end of the day, the Year 3 will go out of school onto the playground near the play equipment and the Year 4 will exit out of the covered entrance, where they come in each day.

On Tuesday, we would like the children to come straight into their new classrooms with all of their belongings. We will then show the children where to find their lockers and pegs as they have all been assigned their own locker to start the new year. Therefore the Year 4’s will not necessarily have the same locker they had last year.

For those children coming into Year 3, the end of the school day is slightly later at 3:30pm. We open the doors at the end of the day and encourage the children to go out on their own but we do stand by the door to make sure the children go to find their own guardians. Now the children are getting older, some parents like to meet their children at the gate, or at the door of a younger sibling. We are happy for your child to do this but we ask that you let us know so that we can ensure that all the children are dismissed safely at the end of the day. We also ask that you let us know if there are any changes to the arrangements for collecting your child. We do remind them to come back to us if no one has come for them and they will then wait in the classroom. The children go through the inside of school if they are going to after school club.

If they are going to a Sports club, they take all their things with them to get changed and will be picked up from the changing rooms at the end of club. We do encourage them to take everything with them as the cleaners start cleaning the school as soon as school finishes. If they are doing any other club, you will be told where to pick your child up from.

We hope the children all join in with at least one club this year and stick with it for a least the term. Over the last year, we have discussed as a school the importance of sticking at something and being part of a club or team.

The children will need an indoor and outdoor kit PE kit, wellies and a waterproof coat all the time. We will be working outside as often as we can and the weather is not always reliable so please come prepared. Wellies can be stored on the racks in the covered entrance. The children will also start swimming the first full week back on a Monday; a separate letter will go out about this.

Please remember that Black Firs has an open door policy and we encourage you come in and talk to us if you have any concerns or questions. As a staff we try to be available to speak to you at the start and end of the day, however, mornings are the busiest time of the day. Therefore, we would ask that you pop in and see us at the end of the day unless it is an urgent matter as we try to get them settled in when they come in the morning and sessions as soon as we do the register.

Your child will be given a new water bottle when they return to school. This needs to stay in school all week and be taken home to be washed at the weekend.

Homework at Black Firs focuses on reading and this continues into Key Stage 2. We still encourage you to read with your child every day and record this in their new reading records. We will also be giving spellings and times tables out to learn weekly and spare copies of the times tables and Year 4 spellings can be found on the wall in Computer Room.

Many thanks for your support.

Finally, if you have questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email;

Mr Millington –

Mr Woods –

Mrs Andrews –

Remember school starts on Tuesday 4th September. We look forward to seeing you then!

Mr Millington, Mr Woods and Mrs Andrews.