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The School, which opened in 1971, serves the West Heath area of Congleton, to the south-west of the town, and is a slightly large than average-sized school with 311 on roll, 75th percentile, and 35 places in Preschool. The great majority of children are of White British heritage; 4.5% are from minority-ethnic backgrounds compared to 27.7% nationally. A small minority of children are at an early stage of learning English as an additional language 2%. The School has slightly more mobility than other schools; 15% compared to 11% nationally.





The number of children known to be eligible for free school meals is 12%, much lower than the national average of 26%. In the 2018 Census, the School’s socio-economic deprivation indicator was 31%. The Deprivation indicator at 0.08 (lowest percentile) compared to 0.24% nationally. The proportion of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities is below average at 9.7% compared to 10.6% nationally as is the proportion with a statement of special educational needs 1%. Children supported at School action is less than most schools at 8.3%.



 Since June 2014 Black Firs has been an academy, we joined with the TLA with Congleton High School & Castle Primary. This is a multi-academy trust committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the local people of Congleton and surrounding areas and is working hard to deliver outstanding education for students from pre-school right up to age 19. 

Black Firs has achieved Eco School ‘Green Flag’ status three times, Inclusion Quality Mark twice, Sport England Active Mark three times, Arts Council Quality Mark Gold Award three times and Healthy Schools Award twice. Out of School Club and Pre-school have been managed by the Governing Body and run by School Staff since January 2012.


Our School Community Black Firs is an active member of The education Community Partnership, eCP. This a not-for-profit limited company with charitable status set up by the 13 primary schools and 2 secondary schools in the Town. The eCP charitable aim is to achieve the best opportunity for all the children who live in and around Congleton.