Local School Board

The Local School Board or Governing Body comprises of 13 individuals who work together to lead and manage our School.

Black Firs School is part of the CmaT family of schools.

Our Governors have an active role in the life of the School. They have a strategic view. They ensure the quality of educational provision and have responsibility to be 'critical friends' - challenging and monitoring the performance of the School.

Governors are appointed as representatives of three groups: Appointed, Parent and Staff governors and all serve for a four year term of office. In addition, School Council are invited each term to feedback their views to Governors.

If you wish to contact our Local Governing Body Chair, Dr David Wood, you can do so via email at or by using the contact form or by writing to Dr D Wood, Chair of Governors, c/o Black Firs School, Longdown Road, Congleton, CW12 4QJ.

The Local Governing Body holds three meetings each academic year, all of which are held in the Staffroom at Black Firs School commencing at 4.30pm. Meeting dates for the 2018/19 academic year are:
29th November 2018     
4th April 2019      
27th June 2019
Our Local Governing Board also has three Sub-Committees: General Purposes; Education & Welfare; Finance & Personnel. We also have a Strategic working group.
Governors who served on the LGB in the last 12 months
Appointed Governors 


 Name  Term of Office  Declaration
Dr David Wood - Chair 12.7.17  11.7.21 None which conflict
Dr Paul Horrocks - Vice chair  12.7.17  11.7.21 None which conflict
Vacancy (Sharon Bowker) 29.6.17- term ended 28.06.18 Finance Director at CmaT
Aileen Markin 28.9.17- 27.9.21 None which conflict
Sharon May  22.3.18- 21.3.22 Headteacher at Pack Moor Primary School
Chris Hunt 02.02.19 - 01.02.23 Partner & Father-in-law Directors @ Reliance Medical
Rachel Cam  10.1.19 - 09.01.23 None which conflict
Tom Vandersteen 01.04.19 - 31.03.23 None which conflict


Ex-Officio Governor
Martin Casserley Ex-Officio 1998  Director: CeCP  and Director: eCAPH
Parent Governors 
Paul Hanks  28.9.17- 27.9.21  None which conflict
Greg Roche 28.9.17- 27.9.21  None which conflict
Teaching Staff Governors
Toby Hassall  20.7.17 - 19.7.21  None which conflict
Support staff Governors
Beverley Webb  28.9.17- 27.9.21  None which conflict
Others attending
 Daphne Wright - Deputy Head  None which conflict
 Claire Gritton - Clerk  None which conflict
 David Twambley  Cmat Chief Finance Officer
Governors' Attendance Data 2017/18
Governor  No. of Possible Meetings  No. of Meetings Attended 
A Pear 10  2
D Wood 6  5
P Horrocks 6  6
S Bowker 6  6
A Markin 10  9
M Casserley 10   10
R Cam 8  8
P Hanks 6  6 
G Roche 6
T Hassall 10 9
B Webb 6 6
S May 5 2

Sub-Committees meet three times each academic year in the Staffroom at Black Firs School. 
Meeting dates for the 2018/19 academic year are:
General Purposes 4.30pm 27th September 2018 24th January 2019  23rd May 2019
Education & Welfare 4:30pm 11th October 2018 6th February 2019 5th June 2019
Finance & Personnel 4:30pm 15th November 2018 21st March 2019 12th June 2019
Full Governors 4:30pm 29th November 2018 4th April 2019 27th June 2019
Governor  LGB GP  EW   FP
A Pear x x x x
D Wood x x x  
P Horrocks x   x  
S Bowker x  x   x
A Markin x     x
M Casserley x   x x x
R Cam x x x  
P Hanks x     x
G Roche x x     
T Hassall x x x x
B Webb x      
S May x   x