Ideas & Reflections

These are some of the things we're currently thinking about at Black Firs.

We would like to share them so you can reflect on them too.

Black Firs GRIT workshop 2017 download bottom of the page

Mary Aiken discuss why we need to protect our children from the harms of the internet & social media
Mary Aiken discuss her new book 'The Cyber Effect' discussing cyber psychology
Dr Rob Loe presentation on the importance of teaching children about relationships
You think the world changes fast...
Mr Casserley's conference presentation 2017

What every parent needs to hear from the child...

Why we try to teach the way we do at Black Firs School!
Mr Casserley's Presentation to Cheshire Heads 2016
What we need to teach our children (and ourselves) to be better learners for a new millennium 
Why we emphasis practical, skills based holistic learning at Black Firs School