Our Values

Black Firs Mission Statement

We believe that learning is a lifelong activity, which engages everyone in our School community. To kindle this love of learning, we engender enthusiasm and strive to be the best we can be.

We see every activity as a learning opportunity. We are collegiate in our approach; we enhance everyone's self-esteem and stimulate a growth mind-set.

We endeavour to create a happy, purposeful atmosphere throughout our School. As individuals we make a positive, responsible contribution to
• the life of the School, 
• the well-being of the external community        
• and in shaping our own future

Black Firs Tree

Our School name and emblem is the Black Fir. The Native Americans name a spruce in their landscape a 'Black Fir' to identify a tree that stands tall and proud, either alone or as part of a group. It acts as a point of reference. The 'Black Fir', inspires us to stand tall, both alone and together, and be the best we can be.

Found on upper slopes of mountains, these fir trees are seen as a landmark on the horizon, its black outline visible over a great distance; a focus point from below or beyond. The tree symbolises high, distant views from where an observer can see what is coming - it encourages us to aim high and look to the future.

The fir tree is an evergreen, a symbol of energy, of life-renewal and protection. It prompts us to live a life which adds value to our community, being mindful of our impact on our world and those who live in it. We care for and value all life.

Its fir-cones close up in the rain and open up in the sun. This reminds us that at times we have to struggle, be resilient and courageous, while at others, welcome serendipity and seize life’s opportunities. We celebrate our successes, enjoying our time in the ‘sun’ too.

Since our name roots us in a Native American landscape, we adopt the Sioux Wheel of Courage as our School values. These are very well summed up in this short video we have made

  • ​Respect ​for ​each​ other's ​individuality​ 

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Maximise​ and​ encourage ​quality​

  • Collegiality​–​shared​ responsibility​

  • Independent​ thought​

  • ​Honesty​ and​ trust​

  • Ethical​ mentality​

  • ​Self-esteem ​–​ praising​ effort & positive attitude​

  • ​Lifelong ​learning​

  • ​Self​ discipline​

  • ​Enthusiasm​

  • ​Humour​