It is not the School’s policy to set regular homework. 

If the children work as hard in School as we expect, they should be mentally worn out and need their down-time. We don't want homework to become an excuse or a pressure to not get involved in activities outside of school. We don't want learning at home with parents to become a negative experience either.

We do strongly encourage children to get involved in as many activities as they can outside of school. This makes them more interesting, catches them in positive habits getting involved in their community at an impressionable age. We hope these links will last all of their lives. It gives children extra experiences to share with their classmates back at school and makes them more interesting and have something to say.

Children are encouraged to undertake extensions of school work at home if they want to. To share what they know and have been doing in school with their parents.

Reading books are expected to be taken home, as may books of reference. Children are encouraged to read at home every day. This is monitored & recorded. We want parents - mum and dad - to model reading and its importance to them at home.

During the infant years children will take home reading books and it is expected that parents will 'have contact with a book' with their child at home every night. This may listen to their child read. It may continue in to the lower juniors but as children become more proficient and independent readers it maybe it's a discussion with parents about what they are reading.

During the junior years spelling tests, research tasks and problem solving activities are common work at home activities.

Children do often choose to take their studywork home because they want to complete it to a high quality.

We actively encourage self-supported study and learning. We will help support this if the children ask us to.