At ​Black​ Firs​ School ​all​ Staff ​share​ the ​following​ aims:​
•​ to ​provide ​a​broad,​ balanced​ & ​relevant ​curriculum, ​which​ enables ​children ​to​ develop a Growth Mindset 
• to ​nurture ​a ​love ​of​ life-long ​learning.​
• ​to​ support​ children​ who ​find ​learning ​difficult ​&​ challenge​ able​ children,​ so ​that ​everyone​ develops their resilience and growth mindset
•​ create​ an​ attractive, ​secure ​environment ​within​ our ​buildings​ and ​be​ aware​ of​ environmental​ issues​ within ​our​grounds.​
•​ to ​provide​ a​ caring​ environment​ based​ upon​ trust​ and ​mutual​ respect,​ which​ fosters ​self-worth.​
• ensure​ that​ each ​child​ is ​valued ​as​ an ​individual,​ aware​ of​ their ​fellow ​beings​​
•​ each​ child​ assumes​ responsibility​ for​ their​ own​ actions​ and​ is​ prepared​ to ​make​ a​ worthwhile​ contribution ​in​ life​
• to​ praise​ and ​celebrate​ children's​ efforts and positive attitude to life.​
• make ​efficient ​use ​of ​all​ resources​ to​ ensure​ each ​child​ develops​ a​ growth ​mind-set
• continue​ evolving​ a ​curriculum ​that​ develops​ a ​child's ​creative ​thinking ​and​ life-long​ learning​ skills
• to build Grit and determination in everything they undertake