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Spring Term 2021

Our Class-book is 'The Weirdstone of Brisingamen' by local author Alan Garner.

The Book

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen is one of the greatest fantasy novels of all time. A Tale of Alderley is a children's fantasy novel written by the English author Alan Garner (born 1934). Garner began work on the novel, his literary debut, in 1957 after he moved into the late medieval house Toad Hall, in Blackden, Cheshire. The story, which took the local legend of The Wizard of the Edge as a partial basis for the novel's plot, was influenced by the folklore and landscape of the neighbouring Alderley Edge where he had grown up.


When Colin and Susan are pursued by eerie creatures across Alderley Edge, they are saved by the Wizard. He takes them into the caves of Fundindelve, where he watches over the enchanted sleep of one hundred and forty knights.

But the heart of the magic that binds them – Firefrost, also known as the Weirdstone of Brisingamen – has been lost. The Wizard has been searching for the stone for more than 100 years, but the forces of evil are closing in, determined to possess and destroy its special power.

Colin and Susan realise at last that they are the key to the Weirdstone’s return. But how can two children defeat the Morrigan and her deadly brood?


Planning for this term

Autumn Term 2020

Our Class-book is 'Goodnight Mister Tom' by Michelle Magorian


'I must be good,' he whispered urgently 

'I must be good'

Willie Beech is evacuated to the countryside as the Second World War breaks out. 
A sad, deprived child, he slowly begins to flourish under the care of old Tom Oakley. 
But then his mother summons him back to war-torn London...
Will he ever see Mister Tom again?

The Author

Michelle was born in 1947 in Portsmouth, Hampshire of a Welsh mother and Irish father with an Armenian Surname! Michelle Spent her toddler years in Singapore and two-and-a-half years (aged 7-9) in Australia. In between times, up to the age of eighteen, she lived in Portsmouth.

She was educated at Kilbreda college, Mentone (Victoria, Australia) and the Covent of the Cross, Waterlooville, Hampshire.

Michelle trained for the theatre at The Rose Bruford College of speech and drama in Kent from 1968to 1969. It was while there that she started writing regularly.

Michelle's first novel Goodnight Mister Tom grew out of two short stories. She wrote the book in between acting jobs and on Sunday when she was working in the theatre. Goodnight Mister Tom was first published in the UK in 1981 it has won numerous awards including the Guardian Children's Fiction Award. The book has sold in excess of 1.2 MILLION copies in the UK alone and in 1998 BAFTA award-winning TV film of the book starring John Thaw attracted 14 MILLION viewers.

Planning for this term

History focus around World War II

Summer Term 2020

Our Class-book is ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson-Burnett


When Mary Lennox's parents pass away, she is sent from India to Misselthwaite Manor on the haunting Yorkshire moors to live with her uncle. Everybody says she is the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen. It is true, too. Mary is pale, spoilt and quite contrary. But she is also horribly lonely. Then one day she hears about a garden in the grounds of the Manor that has been kept locked and hidden for years. A friendly robin helps Mary find the key, she discovers the most magical place anyone could imagine. Full of new life and vigour the garden begins to transform her own personality in the most astonishing of ways...

This terms story

The Author

Frances Hodgson Burnett was born in Manchester in 1849, the eldest daughter of a family which emigrated to America in 1865 after the father's death. Interested in making up stories from her childhood, Frances turned to writing professionally when the family's fortunes continued to decline in post-Civil-War Tennessee. She first won popular and critical success with her novel That Lass O' Lowries (1876-7), and consolidated it with a series of popular novels and plays. Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886) was the most successful in her own lifetime, but she is probably most admired today for her children's classics A Little Princess (1905) and The Secret Garden (1911). Two unhappy marriages marred Mrs Hodgson Burnett's private life but she became an American citizen in 1905 and settled in Long Island until her death in 1924.

Planning for this term

Science of living things; geography focus

Spring Term 2020

Our Class-book is ‘Tiger, Tiger’ by Lynne Reid Banks.


Tiger, Tiger is a hugely powerful and epic novel set against the dazzling backdrop of ancient Rome. This compelling and uplifting story about friendship, brotherhood and battling against the odds will grip all who read it.
Her heart was throbbing behind her ribs. A real, live tiger? But that was impossible! Of all the beasts brought from far-off countries the tiger was the most formidable. There could be no one bold enough to introduce one into Caesar's palace!
Two tiger cubs are snatched from their native jungle and shipped to Rome. On arrival at this strange land crowded with noisy “two-legs” they are cruelly separated. One cub becomes the princess’s pampered and adored house pet. The other, fiercer, cub is trained to become the star performer in Caesar's bloodthirsty circus.
Princess Aurelia detests her father’s brutal “sport”, but must keep her feelings secret – no one dares criticise the almighty Caesar! The only person she can confide in is the slave Julius, her tiger's keeper. But such a friendship is equally forbidden: should the Emperor find out, his anger would be terrible and the punishment severe.
But friendship and love cannot be dictated, and neither tiger nor man is destined for a life in chains. In a world dominated by Caesar's will, all must fight for freedom… 
This terms class story book

The Author

Lynne Reid Banks is a best-selling author for children and adults. Her classic children’s novel ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’ has sold nearly six million copies worldwide. She was born in London in 1929 and worked as an actress, writer and TV news reporter. Lynne has written thirty books: her first, ‘The L-Shaped Room’, was published in 1960. She now lives in Dorset, where she continues to write. Lynne says that writing for children comes much more easily than writing for adults.

Planning for this term

History focus on Romans

Autumn Term 2019

Our Class-book is 'King of the Cloud Forests' by Michael Morpurgo.


When Japan invades China, Ashley and Uncle Sung are forced to flee. It is a perilous journey across the Himalayas, and they struggle to survive. Then Ashley is captured. Who are these strange creatures that revere him as their king?

King of the Cloud Forests is a beautiful and magical tale of love, loss, friendship and understanding. Michael Morpurgo really IS a master storyteller. A heart-warming story of a young boy who, with his Tibetan uncle escape the imminent attack from the Japanese in 1941 China.

The Author

Sir Michael Morpurgo, OBE, FRSL is the author of many books for children, five of which have been made into films. He also writes his own screenplays and libretti for opera. Born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, in 1943, he was evacuated to Cumberland during the last years of the Second World War, then returned to London, moving later to Essex. After a brief and unsuccessful spell in the army, he took up teaching and started to write. He left teaching after ten years in order to set up 'Farms for City Children' with his wife. They have three farms in Devon, Wales and Gloucestershire, open to inner city school children who come to stay and work with the animals. In 1999 this work was publicly recognised when he and his wife were invested a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to youth. He was knighted in the 2018 for his services to literature and charity. He is also a father and grandfather, so children have always played a large part in his life. Every year he and his family spend time in the Scilly Isles, the setting for three of his books.


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Summer Term 2019

Our Class-book is 'Street Child' by Liverpool author Berlie Dohert.


The unforgettable tale of an orphan in Victorian London, based on the boy whose plight inspired Dr Barnardo to found his famous children’s homes.

When his mother dies, Jim Jarvis is left all alone in London. He is sent to the workhouse but quickly escapes, choosing a hard life on the streets of the city over the confines of the workhouse walls.

Struggling to survive, Jim finally finds some friends… only to be snatched away and made to work for the remorselessly cruel Grimy Nick, constantly guarded by his vicious dog, Snipe. Will Jim ever manage to be free?

The Author

Berlie Doherty was born in Knotty Ash, Liverpool, the youngest of three children. She always wanted to be a writer, but when she was little there were many things she wanted to be - a singer, ballet dancer, air hostess, librarian... Her serious writing started at university, where she trained to be a teacher. Now she lives in an isolated cottage in the country and writes in a barn overlooking the Pennines. She says of her writing: "After I finish a book I'm quite sad because I feel grieved that I have lost someone close; a great deal of myself is in my books."


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