Religious Education

The purpose of religious education is to help children to understand the significance of religion and its contribution to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. At Black Firs our teaching of Religious Education follows the Cheshire East Agreed Syllabus:

  • Formulate their own sense of purpose in life;
  • Recognise the ways in which religions have given their adherents a sense of purpose and community;
  • Understand the religious belief of others;
  • Develop their own beliefs, values and ideals in the light of their experiences;
  •  Relate their beliefs, values and ideals to their actions and their relationships with others;
  • Appreciate what is involved in both the individual and corporate responsibility;
  • Develop respect for other people, their beliefs and lifestyles.

All children are encouraged to explore religious beliefs, practices and values. It is not the intention of religious education to promote the beliefs or practices of one religion or denomination.

At Black Firs we aim to provide quality first-hand experiences as a starting-point to children’s Religious Education activities. These will include visits, the handling of artefacts, stories, speaking with and listening to visitors.

Our Religious Education Mindmap

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Religious Education Earwig Timeline

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