Music is a fundamental part of our school and is experienced in music lessons and across assemblies, performances, experiences and informally.

At Black Firs we use the National Curriculum objectives to plan lessons. It is used to assist learning in other subjects as well as its own learning area. It connects to all cultures and is a personal involvement with organised and structured sound. It is a combination of performing, composing, listening, appraising and appreciating. It is an active experience and develops imagination, creativity, sensitivity, motor skills, resilience, social skills as well as self-discipline. It is an experience to be enjoyed and to challenge.

Music helps to train memory and increase the power of concentration. Through music we express, represent, communicate and combine our ideas and perceptions. Music is an opportunity for spiritual development as well as an intellectual and imaginative process.

At Black Firs the overall approach will always be based on practical, first-hand experience and experimentation, enquiry, appreciation, questioning and practice and evaluation for improvements.

By the time children leave Black Firs we expect all children to be able to read music and have had the opportunity to play in the school orchestra.  

Our Music Mindmap

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Music Earwig Timeline

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