There are three prime areas of learning underpinning the EYFS. These are:

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development

• Communication and Language

• Physical Development

There are four specific areas of learning as well as the prime areas in the EYFS. These are:

• Literacy

• Mathematics

• Understanding the World

• Expressive Arts and Design

These are skills that your child will develop and are less time sensitive. We have a balance of staff-planned and child-initiated activities that enable children to participate and succeed. Our EYFS staff encourage and support this process.


We are a fully inclusive Preschool and welcome everyone within our community.

 Mainstream children with learning difficulties are given as much extra attention as can be afforded within the constraints of teaching resources available. If the need is too great for these, the authority’s special education services are called upon for guidance and help. Parents are always consulted about such moves. The Preschool has a good reputation for successfully integrating children with Statements of Specific Educational Needs. 

We take advice from speech therapists, teachers, special educational needs advisors and specialist early years advisors. These professionals advise about training and support ideas for individual children in our setting. Confidentiality is maintained between the individual professionals about any information we share.

We are equally committed to provide for the most able children and have many strategies to extend and challenge these pupils. 

Information Communication Technology

We consider ICT to be a basic skill alongside literacy and numeracy. The children have access to a computer and ICT toys and we have a large touchscreen that the children enjoy using throughout the day.

Health Education

Throughout the day the children’s attention is drawn to the importance of personal cleanliness, healthy eating, dental care and hand washing. This is supported by visits from dentists, doctors and teachers.

Transition to Reception Class

Preschool works closely with the rest of the school, sharing a purpose-built building with the Reception class. The Preschool children work and play alongside their Reception peers and have daily contact with the Reception teaching team. Our Pre-schoolers also come across to the school building to share in special events, assemblies and for lunch every day.

During the summer term our school starters join Reception pupils for more structured activities, including PE lessons. 

Applications for admission to School for September must be completed and returned to the Cheshire East Borough Council during the January of the same year. This date is set by the LA and all schools must abide by it. Further details can be found at: or on telephone: 0300 123 5012