The focus of this curriculum section is to:

  • Identify the intent of our curriculum; our philosophy and what we choose to include
  • Identify how well the curriculum is implemented through our identified priorities, expectations and procedures; how we deliver our curriculum through our Studywork approach
  • Identify the impact of our curriculum on student outcomes from a range of evidence in Studywork books, the child’s voice, progress Bookmarks, formal data and the views of coordinators, Governors and parents; why our children learn? …the so what? The learning outcomes.

Black Firs is a child centred school. This places the child and their learning at the centre of our curriculum too, as teaching professionals, we adapt to suit their changing needs. We passionately believe that an individual’s life chances are enhanced by a broad, balanced and relevant education. The School has spent time to robustly evaluate and identify a curriculum offer which will secure the attributes every child needs in order to be given every chance to succeed.

Our curriculum design is based on the belief that our children must be life-long learners prepared to enter the next stage of their education equipped with secure knowledge, skills and understanding.