Design & Technology

It is important to ensure that children are made aware of the impact of technology upon their lives and upon the environment. Their experience should include an awareness of social, moral, economic and political issues that will develop children’s values and attitudes to current and future change.

The ability to use technological equipment and systems in everyday life, is an essential skill for children and adults. There is a need for planned school experience to develop such competence. Children should also discover the fulfilment of being creative, of affecting control of the environment, of manipulating materials and harnessing energy. This technological capability to originate, to perform and to complete tasks, can be developed through a design / problem-solving process, to achieve its intent, namely ‘a practical solution to a human need’. Design & Technology in our School has a central role in developing awareness competence and capability. It uses and enhances the knowledge and skills drawn from other curriculum areas by providing opportunities for these to be applied in a practical context. A fundamental principle of Design & Technology is that children can only develop technological capability by engaging in practical, technological activities.

Our Design & Technology Mindmap


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