Introducing our new logo

Our new school logo creates a modern and refreshed look for the school whilst retaining the traditional elements from the previous logo.

The three fir trees have been pulled through from the previous logo to represent the school’s name and to keep the native American link which much
of the school’s identity was built on. The date the school was established has been added on to the logo to link to the history of the school. A mountain stands in the centre to represent ambition, and the sun in a golden yellow colour, similar to a gold medal, builds on the message of aiming for the top.

Where you will see our new logo

Our new logo will be introduced throughout the school on both internal and external signage. You can also see it here on our new website, helping to enhance our online presence. The logo will be incorporated as part of the new school uniform, which is to be introduced from September 2024, with a black version of the logo to stand out on the red uniform:

Adding more colour

You will also start to see more of these additional colours - they are the four colours which make up the new logo. They have been built into our new web design and we are also using these across pieces of communication from the school. We love the green as it represents our love of the outdoors, especially as we start to resurrect our amazing Forest School space at the end of the field!