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Who Are We?
Class Teachers - Miss SimpsonMr Millington & Mr Hassall
Teaching Assistants - Miss Andrews, Mrs MullinsMiss EdgleyMrs Rowe & Mrs Bebbington


Our Current Remote Learning Sway

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Our Current Planning Mindmap


Spring Term 2021

This term we are focusing on Castles & Dragons. We are reading the story of Tell Me A Dragon.

Please click on the planning mindmap below to see specific statements for each subject.


Autumn Term 2020

This term we are focusing on Traditional Tales. We are reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood.

Please click on the planning mindmap below to see specific statements for each subject.


Spring Term 2020

 This term we are reading Cave Baby and Stone Age Boy. We will be learning History about the Stone Age, Science about humans and animals and using the Stone Age period as a basis for our outdoor maths and art. We will also be making links with local industry and the Stone Age focusing on Pottery, famous Potters and visiting Gladstone Pottery Museum.

In English we will be developing our writing skills across a variety of genre - retelling stories, character descriptions, instructions, non-fiction narratives, biographies, diary entries and recount of our trip. In Maths we will be developing fluency in counting, partitioning, adding and subtracting, in Year 2 we will be extending our understanding of multiplication, division and money. We will be reasoning about different functions and problem solving.

PE will focus on dance, hockey and netball as well as basic ball skills, agility and precision. We continue to focus on the importance of reading and use phonics as one of our strategies. In Year 2 we will develop understanding of grammar and spellings focusing on different types of sentences, tenses, contractions and conjunctions. We will continue to promote a growth mindset and actively support our five areas - Mastery, independence, struggling, risk taking and resilience.

Music will link with the Stone Age developing musical performance using basic tools and our bodies for sound and rhythm as well as familiarisation with a variety of musical genres and appreciation of different styles. In French we will be learning he names of animals and household tools and primitive domestic items comparing the French words with English.

 Planning for this term


Autumn Term 2019

This term the infants will be focusing on fairy and folk tales. We will explore some of Aesop’s fables and their meaning and year one will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk and learn about the role of magic in fairy tales. Year 2 will also be reading some Hans Christian Anderson tales learning about morals within stories and their role in society.

In Maths we will be embedding counting and number bond skills and using a reasoning and problem solving approach to real life issues. In Year 2 we will be learning about multiplication and division as well as two digit addition and subtraction . We will be linking with Geography to learn mathematical terms for directions and about shapes in the natural environment. In Year one we will work on our number fluency and understanding as well as number patterns and sequences.

In Science we will use an Aesop fable to explore water displacement and the properties of water, carrying out fair tests and experiments to observe states of matter and the nature of water. We will also be exploring different types of materials and also suitability of fabrics and their diversity. In Geography we will be using our local environment to learn about directions, co-ordinates and the development of our market town. We will link this with local history and our town heritage.

We will be learning French vocabulary and songs as well as focusing on music performance, listening, appreciation and making sounds and compositions. In art we will be developing our skills using different medium e.g water colours, oil pastels, chalk and pencil drawings relating to our literacy. In PE we will be learning skills relating to football, rugby, dance, hockey, netball and basketball.


 Planning for this term


 Summer Term 2019

In the Summer term we will be starting new books and topics.

Year 2 will be reading African folk tales and writing character descriptions, predicting what happens next and working out the meaning and morals of each tale.

In Year 1, we will be reading two fiction books which look at wildlife and plants and the human impact on them. We will explore how we can look after and protect our environment.

We will be writing story retells, poetry, science experiments and asking questions.

In maths, we will continue looking at place value and representing numbers in different ways in the first half term.

Both year groups will be looking at mini beasts and learning science around habitats, food chains and life cycles. We will be using food technology to learn about healthy eating.

We will also be doing drama, music and art on the African and mini beast theme.


 Spring Term 2019

 This term we are focusing on dragons and castles. We will be reading fiction and non fiction books starting with “Tell me a Dragon.”   We will be visiting a Norman Castle In February to help bring our learning to life. We will be writing our own imaginative stories and retelling stories we have heard as well as writing using a non fiction style including using instructions, bullet points, recounts and glossaries.

In Maths we will build on our arithmetic knowledge and fluency and develop skills of reasoning and problem solving as well as in Year 2 learning about money, measuring capacity, lines, temperature and weight. We will also learn about tally charts, bar graphs and data. Year one will be learning about shape, place value within 20 and 50, addition and subtraction within 20 and different ways of representing number bonds.

In PE we will be creating dances to different types of music using fiction to create relevant dances for different characters. We will also be learning skills for rugby and fitness challenges. In afternoon groups, we will be learning computing using bee bots and building skills for programming; using design and technology to design castles and fortresses and in Science we will be using food technology to learn about materials and making food for a medieval banquet.

We will continue to have creative sessions each day to develop art, music and drama skills and appreciation as well as a focus on hearing stories and developing a love of reading.

The children have had a brilliant first term and we will continue to work with you to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. We believe the best way you can help this at home is by sharing stories with your child, talking about meaning and comparing different books.

In January we will be holding a parents evening where you can discuss you child’s progress. Later in the term we will be holding a parents meeting for Year 2 to talk about the year end tests, our approach and how you can help as well as giving information about our Tattenhall residential in May. For Year one we will be holding a parents evening about the phonics screening test in June and how you can help improve your child’s phonic understanding.

As always we are very happy to talk to you informally at the beginning or end of the day. If you would like more time to discuss anything then we are also happy to arrange a suitable time around your other commitments after school.