History at Black Firs Primary School centres on the historical interactions of people and events throughout time in the world; the influence of History on all aspects of our lives, shaping the customs and beliefs of the communities to which we belong. Children at Black Firs studying History will develop a sense of the world in which they live and begin to develop an appreciation of how people, past events and actions have influenced and formed their present lives. We understand the importance of developing children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. The teaching of History therefore not only concentrates on the knowledge and skills outlined in the National Curriculum but it takes a holistic, creative approach which gives children the opportunity to focus around a central theme for the term. Impactful learning in History also comes from educational visits, artefacts, visitors, and role play. By utilising the schools creative process, we are able to make history relevant to our children so that they gain a deep individual understanding of what happened, why and how it impacts on their lives today.

Our History Mindmap

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History Earwig Timeline

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