Mathematics provides children with unique and powerful skills to appreciate and transform the world. Logical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to think in abstract ways are important in everyday life. It is a creative subject contributed to by many different cultures which can stimulate wonder and discovery. A quality maths education will engender a love for and curiosity about the subject. It will allow children to reason mathematically and use their understanding to make sense of the world around them.

At Black Firs, our aims are that all children will:

• develop basic mathematical concepts and make rich connections fluently between them;

• acquire a knowledge of computational skills which are accompanied by a quick and accurate recall of basic facts;

• develop an ability to reason clearly, logically and creatively using mathematical concepts and skills within other subject areas and everyday life;

• be able to appreciate the nature of patterns, relationships, numbers and space;

• develop and use the language of mathematics as an essential tool for communication;

• observe, explore, pose questions and devise ways of answering them using a systematic approach;

• encourage powers of judgement, imagination and the critical interpretation of findings;

• gain confidence, develop favourable attitudes and grow an interest and aesthetic awareness in the subject;

• be enabled to work independently and co-operatively.
At Black Firs we use the White Rose maths scheme to plan and support our teaching of maths. We use the Medium Term Planning and resources to teach from. Please find links to the Medium Term Plans on the White Rose website HERE.
There is a parents section you can use to support this on the website.

Our Maths Mindmap

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Maths Earwig Timeline

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